Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations

The Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations at the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College is ‎the premier institute of Jewish-Christian research, teaching, and encounter in Israel. The CSJCR ‎is at the same time academic in orientation and also committed to building better relationships ‎between communities on the ground. We offer programs aimed at student and scholars, ‎clergy and laypeople, local Israelis and overseas visitors.‎

Jews and Christians share a unique relationship, both as distinct religious traditions that are ‎inextricably linked and as communities with a long and complex history of interaction. ‎

At the Galilee CSJCR, we recognize that Jewish-Christians relations are about far more than just ‎theological differences. Drawing on many fields of study, including theology, scripture, ‎language, history, and sociology, we aim to empower and equip Jews and Christians with the ‎tools to engage each other and the complex world we face.‎


TEACH undergraduate courses to Israeli students related Jewish-Christian relations

SUPPORT international research in Jewish-Christian relations ‎

ORGANIZE AND HOST public and invited lectures, seminars, and conference

LECTURE at synagogues, churches, and universities around the world

SPONSOR a sabbatical research program for visiting scholars and clergy

OFFER an intensive fellows program for students in Jewish-Christian Relations

DELIVER a summer program for overseas students ‎

TEACH sessions for visiting Christian groups from overseas

CONTRIBUTE to national and international Jewish-Christian initiatives and organizations

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