Research Centers

One of the College values is involvement in the life of the community, both by our educators and students. We aim to attract an educated population to the periphery and to develop a generation of local inhabitants who have acquired higher education and will, in turn, bequeath an appreciation of it to future generations. This process might change the image of the periphery thus, attracting a more diversied population to the area, resulting in additional resources – applied and research – for the educational system, industry, and the business sector.

Being part of a global world, we aim to implement internationalization of the College by concentrating in two domains: research, mainly applied and education and training, stressing the interface between these arenas by means of on-going evaluations. In the research domain we attempt to strengthen existing partnerships of YVC academic staff and expand networks and collaborations with other academic institutions (including the partners in IRIS project) in Israel and in Europe.
This would be accomplished by developing collaborative research teams engaged in: joint research, submission of research proposals, establishing international training and research centers, organization of professional international conferences and seminars, preparation of joint publications and various community projects.

Center for Psychobiological Research
Housed within the Department of Social Sciences, this center combines pre-clinical and clinical research in one location. With advanced research tools and technologies, this center allows students, faculty and researchers to study questions that deal with schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, developmental disorders, attention disorders, Sleep disorders and more.

Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations
As the premier institute of Jewish-Christian research, teaching and encounter in Israel, we have a broad range of initiatives that include working closely with academics, clergy and laypeople within our regional, national, and international communities. We are academically oriented but also committed to building better relationships between real communities.

Gerontology and Geriatrics International Center
The center focuses on the complexity of factors influencing Israel’s aging population, looking at intergenerational family relations and health. The Center provides professional input from an academic perspective to the Welfare and Health Care services, county offices, policy makers and others whose decisions affect the wellbeing of the elderly population and their families.

The Institute of Technological Empowerment aims to activate and direct students, faculty members and researchers to participate in breakthrough applicable research and development of applications and entrepreneurial skills. The research is conducted with multi-disciplinary researchers in the areas of technology, human oriented disciplines, and some target areas.  A major activity within the institute is YUP – YVC UP, the innovation center that contains accelerator, pre-accelerator and entrepreneurial education within the academic curriculum as well as for other populations.

Action Research Center for Social Justice
The center addresses a wide range of topics of social-educational importance, using action research to create collaborations between academics and the community, promoting social change. The center is managed by a steering committee comprised of YVC faculty members and members of the community.

Center for Diversity and Intergroup Conflict
We address sources of conflict between the diverse groups residing in Israel and explore how to engage them constructively in a range of settings. We accomplish this through research, conferences and seminars, community education projects, professional training of intergroup conflict and diversity professionals, and development of regional and international networks.

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